Thats one EXPENSIVE MAME machine!

not that great of a deal at all.

for that money I could build a much better setup and not have to hunch over a table every time I play it
I agree, way too much money.

I'm just waiting for the day Norm Abrams builds an arcade cabinet on the new yankee work shop. Then i'll probably gain the motivation needed to build one.
This belongs in the 'funny ebay auctions' thread!!!!
I really didn't get it. The screen is actually laying down???

I must've missed out on something. That will get you permanent neckinjuries after about half an hour of play.
It's a "cocktail cabinet", meant for use in bars so you can put your drinks on top of them. There's more than one set of controls so the person sitting on the other side can play as well.
god i can pick one of those up with pac man still installed for like $300 prolly less if i throw cash in the restaraunt owners face.