The 2 new(er) Sega CD titles  

Were the 2 games released by Good Deal Games publishing a few years ago (Bug Blasters & Star Strike, any decent? Seems like these were titles were originally produced during the time of the Sega CD's life span, no?

On that page they go on to say "if you'd like to see Wing Nuts, Penn & Teller: Smoke & Mirrors, Dark Ride, RocketBoy, Citizen X, Waterworld, and others please support our initial releases!"

I remember reading a preview of the Penn & Teller game, and it sounded like the worst game ever.

Something like having different mini-games, one being a driving game where you simply had to keep on the road for an ungodly amount of time (no obstacles, if I recall correctly).

Then about 20 minutes into the game a bug splats on your windshield to break up the monotony. The reviewer was saying something like you couldn't simply tape the controller down to finish the level, as your vehicle was always veering off the road.
I have Star Strike (I bought it from them a while back) and to be perfectly honest I can see why they were not published back in the day of the Sega CD. Star Strike is another one of those crappy FMV games that has horrible gameplay. I've never played Bug Blasters, but I heard from Good Deal Games that that's the funner of the two. I was going to get that one as well, but I'm poor and couldn't afford it.

I have mixed emotions on bringing these never-before released games out because it's cool to get these games, but for the most part they were cancelled for a reason. The reason, the publisher didn't think it would sell that well.
kevbec, what really was the point in linking to an animated gif that is obviously on Arakons site? that had absolutely nothing to do with the topic in here about shitty games that are being released.
I've heard that the GDG stuff is just CD-R with a paper label stuck on, which doesn't raise my opinion of them any...
I bought both of them, and they were quite good in delivering to Mexico. Yes indeed, they are bad games and yup, they are just CD-Rs with paper labels.

But, Bug blasters is the worst of them in terms of playability and the most, mhhhhh, "cheap".

Anyway, I kind of enjoyed a couple more titles in the same brand than the bad FMV.

But don't take me wrong, I enjoyed Night Trap and Road Avenger, as well as Time Gal. Those new ones are the type of "crappy video shootem ups"
Using them as a cash substitute, on the other hand, is not. That's how I got my N64. All of Dragonball GT on a huge pile of CDRs.
While some of you are so merrily bashing GDG's Publishing Dept. let's not forget one thing. If it weren't for them and other companies efforts us classic gamers would never have any hope of playing any new games on our old systems.

Whether the games suck or not I applaud their efforts, CD-R's and all!