the best BGM?

if this has already been asked i am sorry.....but i thought i'd ask it anway.......

i will post my fave's when i can think of them......
I would expect this topic has been done, but I dont mind givin' my top 5 SS BGM's.

1. Thunderforce 5

2. Panzer Dragoon Saga

3. Need For Speed

4. Steep Slope Sliders

5. Sega Rally

There. Nice range of tunes

Best CD-Audio Soundtracks:

Daytona USA

Sega Rally

Panzer Dragoon


Guardian Heroes

Best Midi Soundtracks:

Terra Diver/Soukyugurentai

Radiant Silvergun

Panzer Dragoon 2

Dragon Force1/2

Shining Force 3

Best streamed Audio Soundtracks:



Burning Rangers
Technically, I vote on Shining Force 3, Nights, Lunar EB, PDS, PDZ and Astal. Those games made astounding usage of the Saturn sound system, the winner being SF3. There are, like, 6 or 7 voice sample files, and the game bends, blends and re-pitches those few samples to reach nearly CDDA quality.

Nights also get an impressive quality, mostly when plugged into a decent stereo system with good equalization. There are so many tracks in those tunes you need to listen to them several times to identify each one.