The best Emus



Ok. I say we start an ongoing list of the best emulators out there for every system imaginable. Everyone please post here. And remember, this is based on people's opinions, so please don't start a flame war here. Also, try to post where to get whatever emu you post, and if there is anything special you need to use them. This would help a lot of n00bies and people who don't even know about certain emus (like myself). But if you can't post the extra info, at least post the name so people can search for it in search engines.

Update: Also, please say what system the emu is for. And don't state where to get games for 'em.

Update: Yeah....thanks.......

For PC:

Megadrive/Mega-CD/32X - Gens

Master System/GameGear - FreezeSMS

SG-1000 - Past-o-Rama

PC Engine/CD - Magic Engine

N64 - Project 64


NES - RockNES 32

GBA - Virtual Boy

Atari ST - STeem Engine

Amiga - WinUAE

Spectrum - ZX32

C64/128/VIC-20 - VICE

PlayStation - ePSXe

Sharp 68k - Keropi

Arcade - MAME


For Dreamcast:

Master System/GameGear - SMEG

NES - Nester

SG-1000 - Dream-o-Rama

Arcade - DreamPAC, DCSI, Phoenix

MSX - DreamMSX

Spectrum - DreamSPEC

If I think of more good ones I'll add em later
well i pretty much agree with all of segasonics picks, except for....

Snes - Zsnes

Master System/GameGear - Meka
I forgot about MEKA, cww80, it's better than freeze.

Ratamahatta, I used to use Massage all the time, but it doesn't like modern soundcards, and even if you do get the sound to play there is no support for sampled sound. Space Harrier just isn't the same if it doesn't shout 'Get Ready!' at you.
I agree with segasoni except for:

snes - ZSNES !!!!

neo-geo: Nebula (the best emu for neogeo/cps-x/konami/pgm)

Nebula can overclock ANY game, making run not faster but smoother! metal slug 3 with a 50mhz 68000 has no slowdowns! not to mention that nebula (as wincawaks) has transparencies, making gfx better!
I like both SNES9x ZSNES. If you need to keep an eye on your system (like I do with stupid WinME, I'm getting Win98 soon though
), go for SNES9x. With ZSNES, it goes into the program, it has the DOS look to it. So if you're concerned about your system (like me), you have to exit out of ZSNES, check up on things, then go back in. Whereas on SNES9x, you can just minimize it like a web browser. (Speaking of system, in WinME, I only have MSN Explorer, Napster (use it for listening and managing my Mp3s), and AIM open, along with all the WinME stuff that runs in the background, I only have 46% of my system resources free! That sucks!)
Nebula can also play Neo Geo CD games better than any other emulator. So it's the best Neo Geo CD emu too.

And... Snes9X is way better than Zsnes...

*Silender runs*


Genesis/Game Gear/Sega CD: Kega

Playstation: Virtual Gamestation

Gameboy/Color/Advance: VGB