The Best Saturn Games

I've been Cotton Boomerang'ing for a couple of weeks myself! Looks and plays amazingly on a RGB monitor, unreal is more like it.

My arm is burning out on me, I can only manage a 296 hit combo! But I will keep playing untill my arm falls off, this game is just that fun!


Mid Boss
Me too. I manage around a 300-400 hit combo on easy :p Got a pic of your setup? I'm interested in the quality... :bow
I'm sorry to raise a dead thread, but it seems like a good place for both of my questions!

I guess you have to use CRTs with things like the Saturn, since LCDs (which I will probably buy one of eventually) have native resolutions. Is that correct?

Also, I've purchased Street Fighter Alpha 2 in an attempt to get into Saturn beat-'em-ups and think that I will eventually purchase Zero 3 if I really like it. Is Z3 Japan-only or am I just not searching well enough?
Many years ago (before Youtube), I had created a cdrom collector's guide for the Sega Satun which previewed over 160 of the best games I had played for the system. This is available now as a free download, if anyone's interested:

I had posted a topic on this once, but I think it is now long gone. :tophat:
Bug! seriously needs to be put back into this list ASAP (Bug Too! for that matter.) One of the best games on the system! Shame on whoever decided to take it off!