The Bulk of the Pre-Season kicks off today

Niners baby!...They got stomped on by the new-clad Redskins last week
, but it's ok, it's the preseason...

The Redskins look like the Seminoles now...weird...
England's Division 1 Football kicks off tomorrow. Come on Sheffield United! :

In U.S. football, I'll go for the Raiders
You're looking for a rumble Segasonic! I'm a Huddersfield Town lad (not that that's the concern of Division 1 anymore
I've got nothing against Huddersfield, didn't Warnock do good things for you guys? All my hate is saved for Wednesday, Leeds and Barnsley. Oh, and Man U.
Neil Warnock got us promotion a few years back, but it would've been a stretch to call us a 'football' team at that point.. You used to get a variant of tennis neck called 'long-ball neck' watching the Town in those days. At least we had Marcus Stewart though.
Originally posted by Sundance@Aug. 08 2002, 5:55 pm


Eagles. :

Seriously though, I've been to their training camp and have met some of the players up close (I go to the college where they train).
Football blows ass

as does basketball, soccer, cricket, (insert sport groupies to offend here) etc etc

Hockey is pretty sweet but being in the mid us its never on cable. I've always thoughts sports games the worst waste of rom chips known to man. You ever notice that when you find a cache of used games in some fleamarket 90% of them are freakin tired old sports games?
It always makes me laugh when someone is trying to sell off every NHL game from '94 to last year's model. It seems people buy each new game because they're too lazy or too dumb to enter new player stats.