Should I use AMD or Intel?


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I'm in the process of building a new computer and I am having a hard time deciding between AMD or intel.

In the past I've always gone with intel as I wasn't much of a PC gamer and I did a lot of work intensive stuff that I always felt intel was better at. The thing is in recent years AMD has been showing to really catch up if not surpass intel in the realms intel always stood up in... we all know AMD has kicked intel's ass in gaming, but their stuff is really showing off now.

My biggest problem comes in the fact I know very little about AMD... I've been an intel user for so long and I have really gotten a whole revamped system in so long that I haven't really kept up to date on my AMD stuff (shit I'm kinda running short on my intel info and these new Pentium D's).

Also I'm concerned about the rig I am getting and what I want it to do. With this stuff in mind what would you consider?

1) Like I said it's not gonna really be a gaming machine. The only games outside of emulators I plan on running is Phantasy Star Universe when it comes out and possibly some older FPS at a LAN party... which considerably I don't care about AMAZING framerates on (I play UT2003 and SoF2 on a Geforce ti4200! ok... see what I mean?)

2) The machine will be doing some video encoding... mostly vob to mpeg4 and tv encoding... but the capture card has hardware encoding.

3) There will be light web surfing, music play, video playback... which is all pretty simple shit. There will also be a lot of spread sheet work, programming, and wordprocessing... still very lightweight shit though.

4) It will also be running a Remote Desktop terminal so I can access a LTSP server.

5) The big bite on my performance is going to come from the fact it will have a Dell 30" Dual-DVI monitor hooked to it running at 2560X1600 resolution... via a Geforce 7600GT (I don't see the worth in getting the 7900 GTX at its whopping 500 dollar price tag). I'm going this way as it isn't to expensive to make me hang myself, but at the same time will give me a lot of longevity (i.e. I still use a ti4200 today!)


I'm going to be using this as my TV for my bedroom as well.

So what would you suggest? And someone please don't suggest that Pentium Extreme Edition 965... 1000 dollars for a CPU is just absurd (same goes for the AMD FX-60). Unless you can warrant some type of reason for getting one of them ( why they are in the poll...)
at the same time... I'm upset I should of put this as a choice :(

I may want to wait for the Intel Conroe, it's supposedly due out this July.
I see nothing exciting from AMD in the near future in the consumer space, and the new Intel Core Duo chips seem to be tearing up the benchmarks...I know what my next system is likely to be.