Phantasy Star Universe page updated

We now have access to a section titled "World of Phantasy Star Universe" which contains three seperate headings: Guardians, Relics and Seed. Since the text is in Japanese, I am S* Outta Luck as far as translating it goes, although if there is someone who can, please do.

I am aware that the heading 'SEED' refers to the antagonist in the game. I wonder if this SEED draws any parallels from the SEED in PS4 that you find in Birth Valley. The promotional stuff on the game states that it will make obvious nods to the past games in the series. That would be an awesome twist in the series if the birth giving and noble 'SEED' of PS4 had some kind of vigilante pre-mother brain past in which he kicked ass and stole bubblegum in a far off solar system.