The dreamcast controller


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Is it just me or does anyone else have difficulty using them for a long time (not even a long time, just an hour or two)? I think it's only when I'm using the analogue stick.. Jet Set Radio made my left wrist ache for literally about five hours the other day after only going on it for a bit. I'm scared I'm gonna get arthritis or something.. Are there any third party pads that are more comfortable?
That's what I thought at first.. maybe it's just me. Or maybe Jet Set Radio brings out the worst in my joypad skills or something. I've got quite big hands though I guess, maybe that's why..
Don't worry about arthritis, it's Carpals you need to worry about. I have carpals of the thumbs because of that stupid gameboy craze in the early 90's.

In any event, after extended hours of MSR or JGR I notice pain as well, but it seems to be only an issue with games that use the triggers frequently. I really dislike how the triggers are designed, but that's just me.
matcatz makes a quality DC controller, usualy sells for like $15 now, id recomend it over the sega one, but the digital pad is worse than the original. but strangely enough you can pry the dpad out and replace it with one from a saturn remote, and that helps a lot. but 90% of the time i just use adapters to use PSX remotes.
Some third party controllers are a bit larger, as so a bit more confortable then the sony releases. But it sounds like your problem may be that in the excitment of game play, you may be gripping or holding the controller to tightly. This puts a lot of strain on the wrist muscles and contributes to carpal tunnel syndrome. Try to relax your hands a little. i think you will find your reaction speed will increase as well, during game play.(this works in other forms of play as well!!!!!!!!
Are you accusing me of being.. eager?
Relax, don't do it.. etc

My wrists seem to be at a funny angle is all. I'm experimenting with different positions right now.. Ahem
The only thing that pains me with DC controllers is how my hands get sweaty for some reason, and my thumb slips off of the analog stick... this happens in virtua tennis alot.
Originally posted by Nadius@April 23 2002,02:52

The only thing that pains me with DC controllers is how my hands get sweaty for some reason, and my thumb slips off of the analog stick... this happens in virtua tennis alot.

Yep, that happened to me a lot. There were always little puddles of sweat on my controller after a heated match. So I got one of those grips made by Redz. Works great, no more slipping.
Ive had the same problem trying to play italia '90 on my megadrive, after 5 mins i have to use the Dpad with my fingers and use my other hand for the buttons, i really need an arcade joystick to play this game...
i think the DC controller is great.

Your just gripping the controller to tightly or something.

Sometimes my thumbs hurt when i play really long and use the annalog stick, but thats about it.

i think the dc controller is the most comfortable controller ever.
of all the controllers I've tried, the DC controller was the first ever that made my hands sweat (except the PC flight joysticks)

And with the transition from the Saturn to the Dreamcast, boy, was the controller HEAVY (i don't know, but the JapSaturn one was light and so was the JapMegaDrive6Button controller). The D-pad with the previous Sega controllers were much easier to press than the DC one (but then again, there's already the analog stick). Oh well, many people hated the DC controller. Especially us 2D fighting game freaks... (GO CAPCOM! GO SNK! GO GO POWER RANGERS! oops... GO PLANET! The power is yours! hehehe)