The guys at tototek made a breakthrough


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Theres a new genesis flash linker with 32x support built in! It's the first time ever theres a cartridge that can flash both formats! It will be released today.


Thanks to Pedro Sahui for the news.
But the programmer interface should be the same. Maybe they'll offer just the cart at a lesser price. I'd probably buy it if they did.

I already have the original as well, but I don't feel gypped. There aren't that many decent 32X games anyway and I already have a bunch of them.
eh.. great breakthrough. I had an eprom/flashrom cart that ran 32x games a year ago. check the postings here.

also, it's quite the opposite.. it's a FIX. 32x carts are IDENTICAL to genesis carts in every aspect.. the original flashcart's xilinx broke the compatibility.