The re-occurring


Mid Boss
I found some Reverend Horton Heat and been jammin out to him .

I also found the video to Bloodhound Gang ballad of Chasey Lain , I used to have a roomate and she would always play this song and i wanted to break her stereo , but now I kinda like it ...I guess its kinda funny .
Bohemian Rhapsody

(joe the founder of the trying to be never ending posts. ok that's the title i'm giving myself since i would always start posts like this one. As i remember this exact idea was mine then after like 2 pages somebody thougth that post is getting too long so they stole my idea and reposted it LOL)
Right this minute I've got Fun House by the Stooges on. Greatest album ever
Here's a few items that I've been listening to recently, with emphasis on band/album names for people like Gallstaff who find reading posts on forums to be an uneccessary task for discussion.

1992 Outrun OST. Includes a few full band takes on some songs. Good stuff. Look for a few full songs to appear on my site very soon...

Simon Says' Ship Jumper. Melodic singing, usually heavy music (rock-oriented). I think this one was popular for a month or two when it was originally released, and then forgotten. I like most of the tracks.

Xenogears - Creid. I think I got this from Arakon long ago (thanks, btw). Japanese people mixing some Celtic style into their muzak. I like it.

Some random Glay. I've been learning Japanese and listening to some J-rock. It helps me impale pronunciations into my skull. Glay has a nice, somewhat American sound, for those of you wondering.

And finally, a co-worker loaned me their X's Learning Japanese set (where X is whatever the hell it's called), and it included four audio cds of Japanese speech. Again, just to ensure that my pronunciation's on target, since I'm studying from books without an instructor.
My wife's car CD player handles CDRW audio discs (although not MP3), so I've been making her suffer by playing a quick'n'dirty burn of some Eiffel 65 tracks over and over, namely Cosa Restera, In A Song and 80's Stars.