the vision of escaflone

havent seen anyone mention this gem

have you guys missed it or dont realy care for it

and if you saw it on cartoon network dont mention how bad it is - i know and any harcore anime fan knows when anime is dubbed and especialy made to air on american tv it sucks diseased and pussing camel balls

its a tough desision for me to decide which anime that i saw is my favorite - but this one is certainly on the top

man i remember waiting for the next episodes to comeout (since i was watching it at the same time it was airing in japan and waiting for the fan subs) this series realy got the anime club i was in charge of - going with many members

the music is fantastic and the color schemes fit so perfectly - i gues i can describe the plot as sort of a rollercoaster - ups and downs and twists
Any pretty girls in this anime?
Ive seen the first 3 episodes of the series, sucked me right in. I have them all in Divx, (good quality, but not great). It looks really good, but with all my TurboDuo/SegaCD/Saturn burning, i rarely have time to watch any anime.
I love this series. I did not like the diservice that Fox did by chopping it to bits and trying to remove the romantic theme to make it "marketable." It would be nice to see it on TV again, but I heard Fox owns the right for a few more years. Oh well... On a happier note, I hear Trigun is coming over to Cartoon Network sometime in 2003. I can't wait!