Third world war on the pc?

We moved a while ago and it turns out my Sega CD was never gotten out of storage so its sort of lost somewhere. Anyway, I have my Third World War CD and I'm dying to play it again but I have no console to play it with :[

Is there a way I can get it to play on my computer? Its just it really sucks to have a game you can't even play at the moment.

Thanks. zx
Gens and Kega emulate the SegaCD fairly well.

- Links to emulators and what not.

- BIOSes needed to run SegaCD games.

As always, read the documentation first. Many of the questions people have are very easily answered in the text accompanying the game.

Also remember SegaCD emulation isn't 100% perfect in all cases (but someday hopefully will be).

I can run this emulator fairly well on my 8X CDrom drive on my P(1) 266 laptop, at 60fps, so it shouldn't be too much of a problem in terms of speed and such.

Hope this helps.
Hey man thanks for takin the time out to help me out. I'll go up and look this up.

Hope I can get WWIII working again. woohoo.