This is funny

It's amazing the amount of stuff people label as "rare!"

At ebay it's the most common word you'll see....
Yeah, its ridiculous on ebay, but if I was to auction off my fully mint and complete Pirates GOld game, that would be rare as its hard to find mint with the map, in brand new condition.
That's true that IS a rare find.

But, since everyone's father's, brother's, nephew's, cousin's former roommate uses the word "RARE" on ebay, the word loses it's luster and makes it hard for the people who are really trying to sell a rare item.....
I dunno, I suppose it depends on the person you're trying to sell it to....

I go by the rule that "something is only worth what someone else is willing to pay for it."

For example, i've been looking for a Sega CD ram cart, but I ain't willing to pay the $40+ some are charging for it.

But there are people who will.
everything is "rare" in its own right since no other gamecube has the same marks on it ecspecially a black gamecube so you gotta admit its a stretch but it isn't exactly a lie.
doesn't look like it just looks like a typical black gc. i want one of those pana gc's so i can play dvd's and have it all lit up with blue neon lite's.
What I find sad is that someone bid $135 for it. Add the $15 shipping, and you're up to $150. You can buy it brand new for the same damn price! And watch, some other idiot will come around and bid higher just because of that one pointless word...
I dunno.. if they're happy with their 'rare' purchase then it doesn't matter if they're none the wiser. Unless they're buying it for someone.

"Dad you dumb bastard, I could have got one of these for less in ten minutes!"

*Father looks to floor in shame*