This morning's incident

This morning's incident

Did you guys hear about the whole incident in the war against terrorism?

4 Canadian Paratroopers were bombed this early morning by an American ally...

Apparently, much debate is raging about whether the pilot was given authority to fire. Some ppl are wondering what the pilot was doing there in the first place, as it was a RED ZONE... also, how come the pilot didn't know that the Canadians were doing a training mission?

When all is said and done though, 4 courageous soldiers have died. 4 lives lost. 4 flames extinguished.

This morning's incident

well,you can look at it in many ways:

1) Theyre from canada

2) The US did it

3) What!? Terrorism! Lets fight it! :Stabs into the darkness:
This morning's incident

poor guys i got a few friends in the canadian forces and just goes to show you there's a bigger chance of an american missile/bomb hitting a friendly, red cross, or civilian target than there is in hitting a identified enemy. haha superior my hairy arse whats technology without the brains to use it.
This morning's incident

yeah... a lot of friendly fire has been from bombings and napalms etc... from the air...

This is true for most of the wars that we've experienced.
This morning's incident

my socials teach made the comment in class that in ww2 "when the brits bombed the germans ran, when the germans bombed the brits ran, and when the americans bombed everyone ran"