thunder force musics


I am looking for the music of every Thunder Force. I have downloaded the midis, but I want to have it in mp3 format or CD.

Somebody knows where I can find the mp3s or where to buy some kind of music CD with the soundtracks of the games?

I just love Thunder Force and their music...please help!


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I feel your pain dude, i remember the days where i would record thunder force 5 on to cassettes from my tv mic out put lol.. system zero carried alot but the site seems to be down and only the message board remains, i have alot of them, if you have something worth trading, they are yours!

msn is
What do u like? I just have a few things. Bso from FFVII,ridge racer type 4 but nothing more.

I will make ANYTHING (lol) to have them...

You want my soul?lol
Hmmm... At least the Thunderforce V game CD has audio tracks which are all great...I could mp3 those for you if you want me to, and get them out to ya either through Direct Connect or via AIM or ICQ file transfers.

There's also a limited double-CD edition of TF5 which includes a "best of Thunderforce" music-only CD. I'm sure it's worth getting even though I've never heard this extra CD and don't own it... usually the price for this limited edition set on eBay runs $45 to $50.

I also have Thunderforce Gold Pack II, and while it has in-game music, it's all synthesized... there's only a single short audio track on the CD and I haven't heard it in the game yet. So that would have to be recorded from the Saturn, perhaps by playing all music tracks from the options menu (most games allow you to do this).

As for the picture associated with your profile...just log in to SX and click on "Your Control Panel" (next to "Welcome <yourname>") under the SegaXtreme logo. There you can pick from a number of images, or upload your own (I think).

Hope this helps :-D
Zophar has TF III and IV rippoed soundtracks in GYM format. You should check those, since they were directly ripped from the games.
Taelon, I have Thunder Force V for PSX, are you sure it has audio tracks?

You have the Sat version or PSX version?(Sat version I suppose jaja)
The GYM format is just a dump of data written to the sound circuits. When playing a GYM file, the sound quality is entirely dependent on the sound chip emulation in the player.