To Earliest Shenmue

i didnt really know anything about shenmue until it came to DC now i am the biggest fan of shenmue saga

anyway i know that there was a early shenmue on saturn and i hear that it bombed bad does anyone have any articles about it on saturn or does anybody have the game for saturn or have played it on saturn?
o ok

cuz i read some reviews before and they said that shenmue was criticisized on saturn. so i guess they didnt want to realise it cuz of that

arg now im confused
well i didnt read a direct review about it but i dont rmemeber but i read somehwere that the saturn version got critisizm.

how come the saturn version of shenmue was never realised?
I belive it was because the saturn died out before it was complete. The project was so big though that they decided to continue work on it for the DC instead of scrapping it.
Well, if you want to see what Saturn Shenmue looks like without having to beat the whole second game, i reccomend that you download the movie from it that is on this page´s movie section. I have seen it, and it really looks wonderful! I wish this game had come out :( Also, i have some pictures from it on my page.
hey, shenmue wasn't even gonna be called shenmue on the saturn. It was going to be a game called project barkley with some 13 year old kid as the main charecter, still avenging his fathers death, but the "magic mirror" gives him special powers. I'm guessing the magic mirror was the pheonix mirror.
yeah i downloaded that demo and found some commentary on it with the guy who was going to direct it. it was yu though.
It was first mentioned as "Virtua Fighter RPG"

Later "Project Berkley" before finally being given the title "Shenmue."...I wonder what the "Berkley" stands for?
I heard that the "Saturn Shenmue" was just something that the people threw together once they completed the DC version! Anyone else hear about this?
nah thats not true

and i have beat sehnmue 2 but damnit i didnt wait thru all the credits so i didnt save my clear file and i didnt get the footage.

now im replaying shenmue 2 (on disc 3) when i beat it i will see it all