To mod or not to mod?

I know that few Model 1 Saturns have a 21 Pin setup and that you are more then likely to get a 20 pin model if you order. But is it guaranteed that all model 2 Saturns (or all the ones with a round power/reset button) are 21 pin and can be modded?
And no.

Apparently there are some round button Saturns that have a different CD board in them and have no chip to solder the signal wire to.

I haven't seen one though, so I can't confirm this.
Someone says its the sanyo board.

FAKK2 has been telling me that he has successfully modded a model 1 saturn with a lik sang modchip. sounds interesting.
Yeah, a Sanyo board rings a bell.

Has FAKK2 managed to fit a 21 pin mod into a 20 pin Saturn?

Or has he modded an Oval button 21 pin Saturn?
From what hes told me he has modded a 20 pin model 1 sat I believe with the regular mod chip, he told me that he did the installation backwards and it worked like a charm. He told me all this yesterday.
Just curious, WHY excatly does nobody make 20 pin chips anymore? 21 and 20 are both in pretty decent demand arent they? Also I heard that depending on your saturn, you need to weld an additional 1 (for power) wire to up to 3 on pins of its chips. Is any of that true? I am probably gonna buy a second saturn making sure its a model 2 so I can mod it, though not anytime soon since its pretty easy to do a swap trick on a Model 1. Can the swap trick damage it? Some said yes some said no.
The only way you candamage your saturn by doing the mod trick is if you do it wrong. Possibilities include burning out the motor or damading the laser unit.
seriously you have too eithier be blind or be some kind of unbelievable moron not too be able too solder 2 wires 1 of which is too a large power supply the other of which is a smaller pin but it has alot of room between the legs
Cyber, i find myself asking that same question over and over. Why no 20 pin mod board!? I know i'd be interested in learning more about modding a 20 pin Sat with a 21 pin mod board. you know, that would be a nice addition to the miscellaneous page. (hint hint) ;)
well, there are more 21 pin systems out there, cause all round button systems are 21 pin, and some model 1's (i guess 25%) are 21 pin as well.
No, I own 2 Sega Saturns both are the model 2 version (round button) european realeses. And one of them is 20 pin. So if you're gonna buy a used Saturn just ask the person to open and check it out, just in case.
Since I cant be bothered opening my Saturn up again right now (I've just finished installing a blue LED), is the 20/21 pin thing related to whether there's an extra control board between the CD unit and the mainboard?

I have two round-button UK Saturns, and one has the board, with a Sanyo CD unit, while the other has no board and a JVC CD unit.