to play imports

I was looking around on lan-kwei and saw this product for the Saturn:


- serves as a cartridge to play import games on your console (no Modchip needed)

- compatible with all models

I was just wondering, does this need to be in the whole time while playing the game, or only on boot-up? Otherwise, how would I save my game, since it goes in the memory card slot.

P.S. I would just like to say that this board is great for newbies like me to find information that all of you people have known about for years. Thanks!
Saturn has internal RAM for saving, and hot-swapping carts is possible, but generally considered to be a bad idea. If you want a cart to play imports, I recommend getting a combo cart such as the Action Replay 4M Plus. Another option is to burn a copy of the game that's patched to your Saturn's territory using Satconv (see the Miscellaneous section). It's also possible to add a switch to your Saturn to get around the territory check.