Tomb Raider Hack/Mod by ROS featuring the handstand move that was not in the Saturn port

An excellent new tomb raider sega saturn MOD by ROS has been released for level 2 City of Vilcabamba and the gym. Check out the exclusive trailer video, download, and try it for yourself to discover the many changes !!!

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A full play through of the new ROS tomb raider demo 2. Compares it to the retail version, shows some cool glitches you can try, and how to apply the extra bat Lara patch.



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Thanks V·ery much. :grin:

I imagine that it would take a lot of editing to get it to work for any version of TR1, as there are differences in format between the two.
Love these hacks ROS, keep them up!
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Love these hacks ROS, keep them up!

Here, yoshi, yoshi...