Top GG and SMS games

i just got into this scene of SMS/GG and after finding a SMS/GG emu for Saturn ( i got interested in some of the games so i would like some feedback on the best games for GG and SMS. Im interested in wrestling, sports, racing, adventure, action, card games, etc.. any thing good basicly since im a nOOb to this. Thx.
take a look at the posts already here:

Game Gear

There was a post for SMS, but i must have been deleted for being old
Originally posted by racketboy@Apr 18, 2003 @ 05:31 AM

There was a post for SMS, but it must have been deleted for being old

Chances are it got 'lost' in an board upgrade or transition.

As far as I know, posts don't get deleted simply for being old.

Either that or you can't use the Search function properly.


You didn't even scroll down the first page of the forum.

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It's a sticky now

*shakes head*
Originally posted by racketboy@Nov 22, 2002 @ 08:04 AM

How hard can it be to browse down the short list of SMS posts to notice the couple of posts already in existance. You don't even need to use the search.

Just had to laugh.

Seriously though, that link went bad when the forums were changed to Invision Power Board from IkonBoard. I think the link I gave is the updated one.