Translating Magic School Lunar

Hope if you guys can do something about the encounter rate because is insane.
Im in the midle of the game and is driving nuts.
I like the game and i want to play it in eng again.
Hi! This project looks really cool. I'd be interested in helping with this project. I have some asm and romhacking experience, but not specifically for the sega cd.
About 15 years ago, it was this game that prompted me to start learning Japanese. I literally set out to learn a whole language to play this game. When I first saw some of these scenes, I had no idea what they were saying. The one where the character, Ellie, undresses to have her teacher paint those symbols on her, was super odd to me when I didn't understand what it was saying. Now that I can understand it, it's just kind of odd, but still very in line with a Lunar character.

Anyway, I still can't play this game because I can't read Kanji, at least not enough to be considered literate. Although my interest in this has waned a bit since then, I do still hope they get this done.