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Hey guys... I have worked with html and all the lovely other languages like php/ssi/and a bit of java...

Yet, I am taking Computer Programming I right now in my final year of High School and it uses True Basic. *yea the oldest stuff around*

Anyways... The teacher is the damn schools football coach and teaches absolutley nothing! He just says goes to work. The whole class teaches each other...

Yet, I need to learn this stuff fast if I plan on graduating, I need this math credit to graduate. If anyone could teach me this or knows about True Basic and could help me out I would appreciate it ;)
Does true basic = qbasic or quickbasic? If so I might be able to help you out a little bit, I ate that up in high school and sometimes I mess around with it just for hobby purposes. I'll attach my latest thing so you can see if it is the same language and if it's what your looking for.

Also, since your doing it for school you'll want you code to look better than mine, lol. This one is really sloppy b/c I was typing it as fast as I could think.

There is this stalker that I know from back in the day that used to harass a lot of ppl with email. This was made as a joke where you were supposed to destroy his email but I never finished so you can't shoot, just fly around.

Next project: Extreme Mallwalker 2004 edition. Where you walk through the mall evading other pedestrians, advance levels to earn ankleweights etc lol.


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Nah, this is True BASIC. Google returned lots of hits, so it shouldn't be too hard to find info on the language.

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Yea I think it is the one that antime linked... If anyone could help with that.

And no the coding can be sloppy.. This guy just looks to see if it works and gives 10 points :rolleyes:

He is the football coach after all... Programming on computers and not doing any of it to show us. :puke: