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Trying to dump MD/Genesis games using Kazzo

Discussion in 'Genesis - SCD - 32X Dev' started by Réda BEY, Nov 15, 2018.

  1. Réda BEY

    Réda BEY New Member

    Hi every one!

    I recently purchased the last version of INLretro programmer/dumper (also known as Kazzo) from the website www.infiniteneslives.com (see http://www.infiniteneslives.com/inlretro.php).

    It has a Sega Megadrive/Genesis slot.

    That project is still far from being finalized but with some workaround, I was able to dump NES games using drivers and lua scripts provided on github (see https://gitlab.com/InfiniteNesLives/INL-retro-progdump).

    Currently there is no yet software support for Sega and I’m looking for a way to write some script which may helps for dumping my MD games. The problem is that I have very few skill in that kind of programming (and bad knowledge of MD/Genesis hardware). Maybe there is something to do with the function “dumptofile” in host/scripts/app/dump.lua.

    I shall be grateful is someone could helps me with that!
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