TRYING to give back

I've read many posts about making a site with all kinds of old game reviews, and other posts with magazine scans. Then an idea hit me...

I dug through my collection and found a mag (EGM's 1999 Video Game Buyer's Guide). At the back of this magazine there is 26 pages of game reviews for systems like:







Turbo Grafx - 16


Atari Jaguar

Neo Geo

Sega CD

Sega 32X

Philips CDi

Amiga CD

Game Boy

Game Gear

Atari Lynx

Virtual Boy

So I scanned them all. All 26 pages.

But here's the catch (yeah there is a catch
). I don't have any way of hosting the images. Each one is 180 x 180 dpi and has a 1390 x 1887 resolution. So they are pretty big, about 700kb +/- each for a total of 18.1 MB. My internet connection has a 10kb/s upload speed AT BEST. So it's going to take a while to upload them anywhere and I really don't feel like doing it a lot.

So I'm asking the mods/admins/whoever owns this site, if they are interested in Sega Xtreme hosting the images. If not no big deal but I think they might be helpful to a bunch of people but that is for you to decide, not me.

each page has about 90 +/- games on it, and it tells each:

Game Name, Publisher, Comments (one-two sen. at most), and reviews from 4 people of the EGM crew.

I did upload one of the images at yahoo geocities, who knows how long it will stay up untill yahoo locks up on the bandwith, so check it out while it's there.

This is one of the genesis pages.

something is gay about the linking at geocities, just highlight this and paste it into your address bar if you are using Internet explorer:

I really just wanted to see if Sega Xtreme wanted these, so PLEASE don't request me to send them to you (individuals that post) no offense of course it's just that I really don't want to spend the time with all the uploads and it would be nice if I could just do it once.