TryRush Deppy BIN image without the CUE

What if there was no CUE for BIN or it was lost? Only the way is to ask someone for CUE, or I can made a custom one?
There is no reliably way of creating a cue from a bin. CDMage offers a 'gussing' facility, but it is probably not accurate enough to work correctly.

The only way is to ask someone else for their own CUE file.
if you don't mind experimenting, you could always simply

rename the .bin extension to iso, then burn it with EAsy CD Creator(I have version 4, with all the proper updates). Just choose "data cd," and once the program opens, select, File/Burn image, load it and burn without changing any of the options. I had to do this last night for a saturn game, and I've

done it several times for psx games in the past. Hasn't failed for me yet. If Deppy doesn't have 2 data tracks(most saturn games don't), I don't see why it wouldn't work.

Curtis, suckamc - thanks!

ajnin, I got it form Ralos, but I don't really sure there wasn't a CUE, I probably deleted it accidentally (yes, I'm a dumb
Want to try this cue, please post it right here.