Turbo Duo burning

Is it me, or is it really hard to burn Duo games?

Ive tried to burn 3 games, and had one successful.

Lords of Thunder - works great

Dracula X - Boots to the Konami screen, then goes black, and nothing else.

Sapphire - Boots to a screen with an anime girl on it, then doesnt go anywhere else, or reboots the system, goes to the "Push Run Button" screen.

I noticed that DX and Sapphire both have 2 ISOs, and the cue sheets are fine. The mp3s have been turned to wavs, and the wavs seem to work.

can anyone help me?
Well, Sapphire needs an arcade card to run on a Duo and is hard to get working on a US duo (you need a specific convertor, I don't know which). That's about all the help I can give.
Well the thing with Sapphire makes sense i guess, I dont have an Arcade card.

Would it boot at all? Becuase it does boot for me, but it shows me a picture of an anime girl, and thats it. As for working on the emu, it doesnt work at all.

But hey, thanks for the help bro.

I could have sworn that the Duo could play all CDs.
Duo's have system card 3 built in, but the arcade card was released later and is need for some games (Sapphire, Strider, etc.) If it won't work on ME, then it's probably a bad rip or burn. I'm no expert, I just started this about a month ago.

As for that pick being displayed, it's only shown when the wrong card is being used to try and boot the game.
I won a Duo, so I can finally play my games on the real thing!!

Also, RayXanber III arrived in the mail, and I've got to say it's one cool horizontal shmup.

When it arrives I'll test my Drac X copies and see what would cause the problem you're having with it. (I burnt it multiple ways)
Well, i could never figure it out, i ended up with like 20 coasters.

I still cant figure out why that one burn will work in Magic Engine, but not a real Duo. *shrugs*

But I was finally able to download a PROPER rip of the game, in bin/cue form, so I didnt have to worry about the worthless rip, that is iso/mp3.

I really dont see why people prefer iso/mp3. Sure its smaller, for 56kers, but who the hell cares? It takes 3 weeks to download a 3 meg mp3, so why bother with 50 megs, or 500 megs?
I've been burning Turbo games quite a while. I use clonecd myself, and have had no trouble with any of the titles you mentioned. Just check every box for writing. Diskjuggler also works good for Duo games (though its incompatible with my particualr pc) and I;ve even heard Fireburner will do them. I've also been told cdrwin works, but I've never been able to get it to work for those. A Duo will not work for every backup you have. I also have some that will work on an emulator, which I personally hate and refuse to use, but not on my Duo. The Duo drives and lenses were not the most well manufactured machines made. Usually when you have a disc that will not work on a Duo system, it will work on the original TG16 with the cd add on, as it was made a lot better. Thats usually what I use instead of my Duo. Hope this helps somewhat.
And I've been burning them ever longer. Actually for Clone cd if you just check the first 2 boxes you should be good to go. Actually Disk Juggler is proabably the best for burning PC Engine cd. It as the fewest amout of cd not copying perfectly unless your burner doens't work with it. Plus Nero works too varying degree as well if you want to give it a try. Some games have some minor sounds or music problems with using Nero or CDRwin. I've also notice that CDRwin has a minor problem with Duo games where if you pause the game for too long the game will not play music till you switch to the next track in the game.

Actually Duos will play all backup it just that more picky how the games are burn and certain kinds of cdr media they don't like.

One of the other really big problems is that a lot of the ISOs out their for PC Engine cds games are not done very which is one of the main reason why they have problem working in Magic Engine or a real system.