Turbo Duo system

All cd games work except for 5 of them. for hucards you need a converter. You'll also need a converter for the arcade card, tennokoe Bank and any of those other system cards.
Another question: What kind of ac adapter does an american duo need? Also, is it hard to get controllers for the system? Finally, is there a composite or s-video cable for the system? I think I can get one that only comes with the system and an RF cable. Thanks.
The 5 I was refering to are all non arcade card games and 6 if you count the sampler.

Bonanza Brothers


Super cd rom RPG sampler(the FEOE sampler is unplayable)

A3 Take the A Train

Aurora Quest

Altered Beast


If you want to include arcade card games as you need an arcade card these are all unplayable



Fatal Fury 2

Fatal Fury Special

World Heroes

Art of Fighting

Battlefield 94

Jong Shin Densetsu

Far East of Eden Kabuki Klash

Mad Stalker

Fire Pro Female Wrestling

Madou Monogatari

Game Express titles that require the game express card.

Hi Leg Fantasy

AV Tanjo

Mahjong Bishoujo Tyuushinha

Bishoujo Idol Pai

Bishoujo Gambler

Bishoujo Pachinko 4 Sisters

Hanafuda Bishouoj Gambler

There are probably are a few I'm forgetting as some games require or beed the Memory Base 128 or the Save kun.

This is the AC Adapter kind for a Duo

Input 120V AC 60HZ 16W

Output 10V DC 1000mA

Controllers aren't really that easy to get as compared to other systems, although you can still find them at certain import stores and Ebay. You can get a adapter for the Duo that will let you connect controllers for the normal Turbo Grafx 16 system as well. There is no S-video cable to the best of my knowledge.