Turbo Duo

I've seen an offer for a Turbo Duo, just system and RF cable, for around 80 dollars. Is that a good deal? How hard is it to find a power adapter and controllers for the system? Thanks.
It looks like a pretty good price but getting an adapter isn't always that easy. Controllers aren't too hard to get a hold of.
Alas, this thread must close. Someone beat me to the duo and bought it from under my nose. I've been pretty bummed out about it..... sigh....

Does anyone have any consoling thoughts for me? Will ever be a chance for me to find a duo at that price again?
dont be bummed, just get a new one from www.tzd.com for $199.99 while they last and be happy you own a brand new duo man!
When it comes to the duo you want a new one anyways! They are easy to break and hard as hell to fix.
The CD units were made to be durable as they also had a doublt plan for the unit ie: using it as a portable cd player. limitations did include that it had to be plugged into the wall for it to be used as a cd player tho. So needless to say it had to endure some rough and tumble wear.
Yea, but hes right. I have both the Duo, and the original TG-CD unit. I bought the Duo new about 3 years ago, and it MIGHT have 40 hours of total playing time on it since then. It died 3 weeks ago. Just wouldn't come on one day when I wanted to test a few discs.