Turbo Express


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I'm curious, I've heard stories of the turboexpress with the early active matrix screens with bad pixels, would there be any way to replace the screen?
Ok, does anyone even know what a turbo express looks like? please raise your hand, ok, good good, do you know if it would be possible to replace the screen then? I can get one but it has bad pixels galore.
I know what one looks like... on the outside :).

I'd have to know what it looks like on the inside to even be able to speculate about replacing the screen...
i just figured i'd ask, I know you can replace the GG's screen and the gameboys screen with some work. Just curious about this system.
I opened my friends TurboExpress because he was going to sell it to me, but one of the buttons was stuck...I never got the button to work, but if I remember correctly the sceen could be replaced...it had a ribbon cable...screws...thats all I can remeber...I miss my TG16 :(