TV-only to VGA-capable

hi folks,

have you ever tried to play Resident Evil Code Veronica with a VGA-box connected? well, it's one of my favorite games and i don't want to buy a tv...

after thinking a bit, i remembered that "ip.bin" may include a statement if VGA is supported or not. my question - before i try to read the game through my serial-cable
- is, if it would change anything when i would change that setting? i mean, does it only represent information on what the game has implemented or does it tell the dc what to do?

and: YES, i've bought that game! *heh*
hum... sounds nice but not nice enough since my japanese is kind of poor and i would pretty much prefer an english or even better an european version

thx for the info anyway, i'm going to try that.

BTW, is it legal to have a pirated copy of a game which you actually own but has another reagion?

i wonder what's the difference between the original one and mine (from liksang)...