Ulala sues Sega


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eeew ugly

Ulala is so much better

I read briefly about this earlier today, but didn't see the chick's pic

everybody is always out for a quick buck
This is a sad sad situation. It seems as though everyone is attempting to think of new and creative ways to sue people/companies. I don't have a problem with being new and creative(that's why I like sega
) but seriousley, she's not the only person that wears fake eyelashes, she's not the only person that dresses in funky clothes and dyed their hair, and she certainly isn't the only person that dances. I'm also doubting she invented the phrase ooh-la-la(whether or not the name comes from that I don't know).

Maybe I should register and trademark my dark clothes and long hair as my unique and personal look so noone else can ever look like me.

I know it's been a long time since Dee-lite has had a hit, but if she needs money that bad maybe she could try getting a job?

In summation, this case = :bs


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Of course, if Sega did approach her, then did not license her look, and THEN used it any way, Sega has a problem.


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Originally posted by IceMan2k@Apr 30, 2003 @ 09:24 PM

Oh crap! She really is ugly!

Actually, In some photos, she's alot more attractive.

Anyway, I wonder if Michael Jackson is gonna get in on this.

edit: Or is his appearance/likeness licensed?


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I believe it is. Or, if not, he was involved in the game in some fashion. He was in Ready 2 Rumble Boxing 2 as well. And remember Moonwalker...


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To wit:

"The similarities and likenesses are so close that viewers, listeners, and consumers were and are confused or likely to become confused between Ulala and plaintiff."



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Oh come on, you're giving people too much credit.

MTX does have a point though. If Sega did approach here to license her likeness, were refused, and went ahead anyway, they'll probably have to pay.

That sure isn't the most flattering of pictures...


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Well actually if you look at other pictures at her and listen to her... hrmmm well I dunno I mean it doesn't seem THAT similar but if they did approach her I dont think it's just a coinsidence that they are so alike

Here's a site



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she shouldve sued, u know, when the games came out, and, shouldnt this be filed in japan since sega is based in japan? also, shes washed up and just lookin for bling
sega should've went all out and cast her to do the voice work on the u.s. version

i'm actually suprised this isn't some sort of joint lawsuit as dj towa looks like alot of video game characters
You can't trademark your personal appearance. Otherwise satire and comedy would be impossible. Imagine the lawsuits Saturday Night Live would get (That's a variety comedy show for those outside of america). Sega was trying to entertain. If they didn't use her name, they can't be sued.

I think she just ran out of money and figured it was worth a shot.


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I wouldn't dismiss this immediately. The game industry has a very strong tradition of grabbing influences left, right and center. (That doesn't mean Lady Kier is the only one to ever use that look, though.)

Anyway, at least in the US, satire and parody are protected forms of expression so it's not comparable.


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Originally posted by jeff-20@Apr 30, 2003 @ 10:27 AM

I think she just ran out of money and figured it was worth a shot.

If she ran out of money, suing a large company isn't exactly the best way to make money. Lawyer's fees are pretty expensive, especially against large corporations.

Satire and tabloids function on basically the good will of those they're writing about. There have been lawsuits in the past that tabloids have lost. SNL is one of those shows that no one worries whether or not their image will be damaged by their representation - it's a long running series with a strong history.

I would like to bring up one other thing that isn't in Sega's favor - remember the Nike debacle? That in itself is an admittance of guilt.