Umm Turrican...CD32?  i dont think so!!

Turrican 1,2,3 were released on the A500 and Turrican 1+2 were released on the CDTV, but sorry no Turrican was ever released on the CD32, i think you do need to say more on the CD32 intro thread!
CDTV games can be played on the CD32, close enough
bah. im u could easily hack the floppy turrican to run on the cd32. turrican aint amiga dos so you'd have to rip it with track2file or something (NOT adf blitzer) then run it with jst.
Weren't the turrican games on the SNES the same in name only? I though they changed the layout of the levels....

Anyways, the speccy version was by far the best....
i think they are shit apart from turrican 3.

was it released on snes? on genesis it was megaturrican.

yeah the snes games are completey different from what i've seen.

graphically anyway, i dont know about level lay out etc.
Originally posted by WiseMan@Jun 18, 2003 @ 05:07 AM

i think they are shit apart from turrican 3.

was it released on snes? on genesis it was megaturrican.

yeah the snes games are completey different from what i've seen.

graphically anyway, i dont know about level lay out etc.

:huh what what WHAT???!?! The Turrican series were (and still are imho) the most perfect example of their genre! I see i'm gonna have to convert you to the cult of Turrican

The console versions were different (in gameplay and level layout) from what I remember (and nowhere near as good), so if you ain't played the speccy/c64/amiga version, your not getting the 'full' turrican experience
i have turrican 1/2/3 on amiga and megaturrican for genesis

turrican 1 & 2 are shit

turrican 3 is awesome

sure sure with this perfect genre example but what genre is it?

a platformer or perhaps an "action-platformer" or even "platform-shooter"???

ruff & tumble canes turrican 1 & 2

megaturrican on genesis is exactly the same game as turrican 3 with the usaul change in sound quality between amiga to genesis conversions
don't worry i appreciate it in its own way.

this forum topic has very quickly moved from cd32 to the turrican forum hasn't it?
well, i never really thought the cd32 was that good anyways. turrican would be more interesting a topic...

well, for some folks

ok, i'll shut up now.
Well, I knew that!... but I decided to change the topic it as it wasn't very interesting

*notes a lack of replies*

.... d'oh....
If you are 1 of the lucky few who have a disk drive for the CD32 and floppy disk vers of the games try a RELOKICK disk to kick back to KickStart 1.3.

For some strange reason Turricain 1 does not work right on any Amiga unless its actually KickStart 1.3.

Turricain 2 does not like the AGA chipset so even a kickback to 1.3 for CD32 and AGA owners will not work as the Relokick only changes the kickstart and does not turn of the AGA.

If you have the CD vers and a mouse FAKK2 try holding down both mouse bottons when the system boots and in that boot menu thingy somewhere SELECT OCS or ECS it should,may work then.
Turrican 2 works fine without getting into the bootmenu. I played it on my A1200. Only thing is that the introscreen is scrambled until the two "I"s get onto screen (forming the II in Turrican II), the rest works without fault.

I've never tried it on CD32 or CDTV or whatever just on A500 and A1200. :)

The A1200 has AGA-chipset and Kickstart 2.0 (or was it 2.1, or even 3.0?). If I only had bothered to download Turrican II; I could've tried it out in WinUAE, but I don't got it... yet.

Is the CDTV-version changed in any way from the original floppydisc-versions? I'm thinking sound mostly. Maybe it couldn't be better anyway, best music ever... probably.

Hint: Space 1,4,2 when the introscreen has loaded will get you to the musicmenu (well just the space-bar gets you there) but followed by 1,4,2 will let you hear "The Great Bath"*

*I could be remembering it all wrong. :D
Super Turrican 1 on the SNES was a real Turrican game as it used the exact same character sprite of Turrican from Turrican 3 & Mega Turrican.

You could say it was Turrican 4 or a prequel of Turrican, as it mixed elements from all previous games & added new enemy sprites & levels.

But Super Turrican 2 on the SNES was a completely new game. Different Turrican Character spite, new enemies, game-play & level lay out.

Turrican 2 on the AMIGA is my favorite.

I love the 360 degrees rotating weapon. I don't understand why they removed it after Turrican 2. (Even though the Turrican 1 rotating laser looked more sinister :devil )

Its Ironic that Mega Turrican had better graphics than the A500 version; I remember AMIGA fans bashing the Mega Drives graphic capabilities.

I still don't know how they managed the multi coloured background of level1-Turrican 2, with only 32colours. AMIGA wonderful machine….

Turrican 2 PC by Sunsoft is probably the best version of Turrican on any system.

Plays & sounds as good as the Amiga version & has 256colours. What can beat that?
The background of Turrican 2 is a standard copper effect... a lot of games did that. Check out Lionheart, the use of the copper in that game is amazing... it looks incredible for an ECS game. Ruff 'n' Tumble is another game that really makes use of 32 colors well, and it does so without using fancy tricks (scroller code in that game kind of sucks, though).