uoYabause released for Android

uoYabause was released recently for Android devices. It's a Sega Saturn Emulator that is branched from the Open Source Yabause emulator. The emulator uses OpenGL es3 to render and includes support for gamepad controllers. Did I mention it's FREE? Download it for your device below or use the Play Store application. You will need to have an Android device with OpenGL es3 hardware/software support. Most Android devices released for the past year should support it.


You can also help the development of the emulator by contributing bug reports to the GitHub Repo.



I also have other videos from an earlier beta of the emulator on my Youtube Channel.


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@everyone update windows version and share this here. uoYabause as yabasanshiro-2.5.Beta2-3cd685.zip
Changes are listed below.
* Use glMapBufferRange for VRAM update
* Add K parameter color ram mode. Fix black screen bug
* Add Special color function mode 3 which uses CRAM to detect transparency
* Enable Alpha value
* Fix enable flag is ignored
* Add RBG1 function(not tested)


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Windows version 2.5.0 is also released!
These are changes since ver.2.5.Beta2
* FIX: VG96 does not boot when emulated bios is used
* FIX: Lastbronx does not boot on bilt-in bios
* Make kindex to signed value
* Fix: Bad line color address
* FIX: Quake sky


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Yaba Sanshiro 2.7.0 @

It contains :

- CHD format support
- Redump CUE format support
- some fixes for graphics issues