US and Canada?

Come on admit it we're both the same. If you put the typical Canadian in a room with the typical American they're the same. (#### olympics and the US Canada hockey game)
That's just the media you have been exposed to. Americans are actualy the exact same as canadians... ey? ;)
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"no, they are completely different. Americans are more self centered and bitchy."

And that statement isn't bitchy? I like canada at least the very little i saw of it. #### i was going to become a canadian if they started the draft in my country(well that was a few months ago when i was thinking about that). All I have to say is in this world we're all the same but jesus canada and america are basically the same(when it comes to people i'm not talking polotics)

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Well when I was studying Ap History in 11th grade I remember that America invaded Canada like in every other chapter. We even burned down your capitol so :p
I think it's fair to say that the U.S. and Canada have reached a sort of parity, economically and to some extent culturally. It's the reason that people bitch and moan about immigrants from Mexico "stealing jobs" (never mind that someone's got to do the hiring), but rarely (if ever) is the same said for Canadians.

Looking in from the outside, though, I can't help but think that Canada's government is more reasonable (or at least less absurd) than the U.S.'s - to the best of my knowledge you guys still don't have an anti-circumvention law comparable to the awful Title 17, Chapter 12, don't have BS export restrictions on cryprographic programs (as I understand it, the OpenBSD folks consider this a massive blessing), and don't have a head of state obsessed with banging the war drum. I'm sure I'm being overly selective here, but I think you get the point. :biggrin:
...That brings me to something else I want to bitch about...

All of Team Canada's and Team USA's players were from the NHL. The total salary for one season for those players were $120 million and $116 million repectively. I had a point but sucks for the rest of the world...(I think I was trying to imply that its not fair)....
Canadians and Americans are not the same. I have a good amount of canadian friends and are different in the way they see and do things. We are a melting pot, they give the analogy of a tossed salad (hehe). They love Hockey we like Football. They use mayonase we use ketchup on our fries. A good chuck of the World hate's us, nobody ever complains about Canada. We feel we're the best, they have a serious inferiorty complex. Well thats just a few differences, to point out we are not the same just cause we speak the same language.
those are trivial differences #### if i was making my desision on those standards then people in Louisiana aren't american because they talk differently and eat different foods then i do (i can't stand football or baseball)