US and Canada?

This reminds me of my Canadian National Govt class last semister. My professor was trying to tell us that Americans generally think of Canadians as Americans, while Canadians tend to have an identify crisis. Canadians, from what I can tell...seem to be as a whole a mixture of American and Europeon. That isn't surprising considering Western Canada (everything west of Quebec) was settled in large part by loyalists that fled after the Revolutionary war.

Politically Canada is odd. I'd say their parties are more US based (being way more moderate), while their system is Euro. Socially it's mixed I think. They aren't as progressive as the Western Euro nations, but they aren't as conservative as the US is.

Funny thing is, I've always been told..."When you travel, tell everyone you're Canadian."

As for the hockey game...the tournament was fixed to ensure a USA-Canada final. :)