US Snes in UK...Powering it up


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Hi I recently purchased a US <insert name of electrical equipment here>.I am in the UK.

I have the US PSU for it (10V @ 950MA`s),I have been told I need a step down converter but they seem a bit pricey.I was thinking whould a UK <insert name of electrical appliance here> PSU work?

Or another PSU that chould output 10V @ 950Ma`s and maybe I just mod the connector (the bit that goes into the <appliance>to it?)


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10V is kind of a weird voltage; the output of the SNES's supply might be regulated, whereas most power supplies of that style are unregulated (i.e. the voltage is usually higher than specified). I don't have an SNES and Line Head bits handy to see what the power runs into, unfortunately...