USA Plugs

Ok I wasn't 100% sure where to put this topic... but here seems good...

Anyway I just ordered a Sega CDX from, and it needs a stepdown converter to run on a British electrical socket.

Now I assumed the one I got with my White Saturn to use Japanese consoles would be fine... but I'm not so sure anymore...

Will my current Stepdown be fine? Or will I need a new adaptor? If so, got any sites?
I wouldn't try running both of them at the same time, but the one you've got should work fine assuming it converts from your Uk 240v supply to a 110v supply.
don't think so - the difference isn't very big (relatively), and not enough current can't do any harm can it

I believe this same question was answered in the big Saturn faq at , the answer was it'll work alright.
including the fact that US uses only to currents, 110 and 220 i dont know where you heard 115, and 220 is only for our large appliances.

also as an add on, those are the outlet pushouts, the power boards on appliances will work with designated voltages (i.e. 110) and use amplifiers to alter it to the devices preference. a 5 volt difference, not that its there, would cause a problem though actually.