Using megadrive control pads on PC.

Is there any way of using a Megadrive control pad on a PC. The connection on the control pad fits into COM port 1 or 2, so, there must be some way of getting windows to detect it. I would prosume this would require some sort of drivers?

Or am I being totally stupid on this one?

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Yeah, you do. The serial ports aren't going to work, and you might risk frying the pad by hooking it up.
There are instructions available online somewhere.... You're supposed to build an adaptor, and you only have to sacrafice extension cables instead of killing your controller's cord.
capcom used to sell a pc gamepad that was exactly like a genny controller minus a start button, and they were cheap too, too bad they dont make em anymore.
I have seen adapters that plug into he parralel port and read as a second gameport. Also i could rewire a pad to run off a PC gameport but it would need some modification, cutting solder tracks and desoldering the multiplexor. The instructions are out there, try looking at digital joystick schematics for people building arcade boxed for their mame emulators.

maybee i should sell them :)