Using rip that requie 4mb RAM

Does anyone know if a copy of a game such as Marvel vs Street Fighter or a 1mb RAM game like Metal Slug; whether they work with the swap trick.

I ask this because I have ripped and burned many successful games that work with the swap trick. However I tried ripping Marvel Vs Street Fighter/X-men Vs Street Fighter/Street Fighter Zero 3 the 4mb RAM games the same way I do with non RAM games, I use satcconv to make them region Europe, burn them. I put in my official 4mb ram card into the saturn, do the swap trick with an official game (Daytona USA) then every time the game locks on the SEGA logo (the one with the black background). I had the same results with the 1mb RAM games.

The reason I want to brun these games even though I have the original copies if anyone asks is because I use the Action Replay 4mb plus to run the games, well the games suffer from really bad glitching expecially Marvel Vs Street Fighter. So I though if I burned a copy that was region Europe and put in my official 4mb RAM card, I'd have some glitch fre gaming.

ANy ideas anyone?
AAH I got them working
For some reason they won't boot off my PAL games, but they will off my Jap 4mb RAM Games, X-Men Vs Street Fighter seems to boot them all . Oh happy day, let the ripping begin .

btw thanks for quick reply anyway Arakon