V-Rally 2 on DC

I have just bought a brand new sealed copy of V-Rally 2 and when I play it, it won't boot up - it gets to the Sega screen and then tries and tries again, until eventually it gives up. Not a mark on the disc, so I assume it is faulty, or is anyone aware of any problems (for example with compatability)? All my other games work.
V-Rally 2: Expert Edition is the European version of Test Drive V-Rally, which has no "2" anywhere in its name.

Is your Dreamcast a US model? You may have just accidentally bought a non-US game.
The seller tells me it works on the two DCs he has tested it on. It must be my DC.

So I can't have an exchange..

Anyone want to buy a nearly new copy of V-Rally 2??!!
you explained to him you got the wrong region game? and he still wouldn't take it back?

I say he SUCKS ...
Hey, thanks man! I love you too!!

I got the game back and it still didn't work. Anyway, i tried it with DC-X and wouldn't you know, it works! Weird? It is definitely the PAL disc on a PAL DC.

Nevermind. Its a cool game though!