Various Items for sale

Capcom Generations for the Saturn $35 Canadian

Pioneer 3.5" Car Speakers $60 Canadian

Sega Saturn System no hookups 2 Controllers $60 Canadian

Various Computer parts as well, email me to see what I have.


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So you're selling your Saturn for more than your dreamcast? :huh

what do you need $ for anyway?

Need the money to pay off bills. Also to put some work into my car. Only sinking money into one system and that system would be the Xbox.
Originally posted by SegaSquad@Jun 14, 2003 @ 03:54 AM

Does the saturn have a 32 pin chip or 64? What model is it?
I'll Check it all out tonight. Its a Model 2 (Round Buttons) I'm not sure about the chipset, so I'll check that out tonight.