Verification of SegaCD isos

Is there any way to confirm a good dump of an image? It seems that Sega CDconv (scdconv 2.51) is not complete as it does not accept some rips I have.

For example some ISOs from a confirmed good source (as Snatcher FAKK2 bin/cue) or completely playable and recognized by emulators (as a Shining Force (US) bin/cue i got) are not accepted by Scdconv as good images.

Any suggestions?
I think SCDConv was meant for cooked ISOs (i.e., MODE1/2048). Try converting the first data track inside the mixed mode BIN file from MODE1/2352 to MODE1/2048 using CDmage and then run SCDConv on the converted BIN file. For instructions on the raw to cooked conversion with CDmage, read this thread.
scdconv isnt compatible with all games, it also wont properly region patch all games, ie i dont believe smurfs was compatible with its region patching