VERY nice xbox mod






That's a man of good taste right there. He has a cool arctic xbox theme AND the xmas special of beavis and butthead on DVD
Holy shit, could u send me an e-mail telling me how exactly u did this? Like what type of paint and shit? and the lights are cool, I wanna know how u got the clear plastic shit on the controllers. I have been wanting to do this except with white where your blue is and where there is grey, I want a cool lookin blue. And how did u do the clear slits and get light in there?
Its not Fabrizo's mod, just one he found on the net. I saw those pictures on another forum recently.
Well if you go to the source of the images:

You'll find the home page of the creator, who says:

"Hope you all enjoy what I have done to my Xbox. This project was very time consuming. If you are interested in having your Xbox look like this one I do custom work for a small fee. Send me your information and I will send you an estimate for the work. Most Xbox's cost around $100.00 to do the box and $25.00 per controler. I have completed many Xboxes in many different formats. Just email me with your spefications such as primary and secondary color and what color LED you would like.

I will also be posting some basic instructions on how to complete a project like this by your self for all you people that are brave enfough to do it your self. So until then enjoy the pics. "

Sounds promising
AND too much money. Damn, if you figure a cost of $50 for each of the loads of games this guy has, it must go into the 10,000s...