Video card questions...

Does video card manufactuer make a difference? That is, not the chip (Geforce vs whatever), but the card mfg itself? I ask because I'm thinking of getting an Asylum GeForce4 Ti42000 128 MB for $90 by BFG Tech, but I've never heard of these guys. My other option is an ATI Radeon 9000 Pro 128 MB for $100.

I need a new card, and these are good prices (especially for the GeForce4 I've noticed). I think I'm gonna go with the Asylum GF4 unless someone has a good reason why I shouldn't. Keep in mind anything would be better than my current 3dfx Voodoo3 3000. I need quick advice since I need to know if I'll be going to Best Buy at 4:00 AM tomorrow or not

oh, and Happy Thanksgiving to those in the US and anyone else it may apply to!
Manufacturer makes little difference in the case of video cards. They all make the same card based on an identical reference design. Some of the more expensive brands may include more features (TV in/out, for example) or use higher quality RAM, but if you don't overclock you won't notice any stability issues.

Go for the TI4200 - the 9000 Pro is like ATI's version of the GF4MX.
There are differences between manufacturers.

The ones I know:

-compatibility with motherboards

-memory and gpu clock speed

-performance differences

-some features might not work properly (like agp fastwrites)

You can look if the manufacturer is approved by ATI/Nvidia, or a review of the card.
Originally posted by Gear@Nov. 28 2002, 8:31 am

You can help us if you post the home page of the manufacturer or a retailer of the card :

When it doubt, type what you're looking for with .com at the end. I've found many things doing that :

Looks like I'll be out at Best Buy even earlier than I thought. They open at 6, not 7. I don't think I'll be sleeping tonight. Doh!
It's important to note the clockspeed too.

The GeForce 4 Ti 4200 128MB(444Mhz) is slower than the GF4 4200 64MB (500Mhz) - more isn't necessarily better. Look for it on the box, it'll be pretty clear.
Welp, the other (cheaper) option was a Mad Dog Geforce4 MX 64MB for $50, but I dunno. It seems like the Ti4200 is a better deal. I'm not all hung up about specs, anything is better than what I have. I mostly wanted to make sure I wasn't going to get shafted by a cheap manufacturer. I could wait longer, but sooner or later I'm gonna actually have to get something. Might as well be now

Beware the hungry mobs of black friday.....



Hehe. I've done this for two years now. It's really not THAT bad. The lines are huge ass though, so you gotta get there early. I wouldn't be surprised if they were breaking some fire codes when they let all the people in. You can barely move! It's a good thing I'm used to operating with little sleep. See, college is already coming in handy
yea they do make a diference - for all resons already stated

also some cards are more stable than others -- especialy if considering over-clocking