Video Files.

In my Video folder I keep all my videos. Duh. lol.

Well, anyways, I use the Thumbnail view.

When ever I forget to defrag for awhile the picture will show for each file slower than usual.

A defrag will then return it back to normal.

But one day Diskeeper 8 couldn't defrag a certain segment because it was in an exclusive set.

And it so happens half of my video files would load really quick while some of the others would in a few seconds but others would take minutes and 2 may never load it's thumbnail view.

The exclusive list was a Memory.dmp file.

I called Tech and they told me to delete the file.

Well, I have no more red when I defrag but it didn't solve the slow loading of my video thumbnails.

I've also e-mailed Tech support and their steps didn't help either but waiting if they can try something else to help me.

I couldn't care if the only problem was the thumbnail picture coming up slowly but if I want to play the file then I would have to wait minutes before it would play since obviously I have to wait for the file info to pop up in the pane on the left side of the screen.

I have Windows XP Home Edition.

Is there a way to correct this?

I hate to to do a clean install for something so minor but so aggravating of a problem.