Virtua On

Just got my all new Shrink-wrapped Virtua On, and after playing it a whole day, i can say, it rocks! Its the funniest multiplayer game ever! And the Gfx is simply fantastic. Hi-res, lots of explosions and other great effects and all running in 60fps without any slowdown. I had seen on screnshots that it looked good, but you have to see it in action to understand how good. Oh, and the two-player splitscreen mode still has all the nice stuff from 1p, exept the caracters are a little smaller.

Could it be possible to use this engine for an Rpg? It would be fantastic in Hi-res!
And if you remove some effects and use sprites well you could get more detail on the landscape to. Did any other Saturn game use this engine?
If you like it a lot, I would recommend eventually getting a DC and getting Virtual On for that -- much more eye candy

I personally found the controlls for Virtual On too confusing. Maybe I just need to give it more time.
60 fps??

I *know* the Saturn version is not that fast (though it does look excellent I might add). I don't suppose you're actually talking about the Dreamcast version though...

The Saturn *can* do 60fps in 3D as games like Virtua Fighter 2 and Dead Or Alive have shown (actually the only two examples I can really think of), but what these games have in common is they rely a lot on 2D backgrounds - layered and rotated and tilted and zoomed - plus 2 relatively simple polygon fighters. Virtual On however is fully 3D. Just 30fps is a great achievement there :)
It might not be 60fps, but it is 30, and it never goes under it. I am also looking for Twinsticks. Is there any other game that uses them? I also found the controls a little unusual at first but when you get used to them, its a blast.
Originally posted by Supergrom@Aug. 26 2002, 6:08 pm

do you have a twinstick? that makes the game so much more fun. Ive been looking to buy one for a while, but the shipping just kills the desire for me. one of my favorite games of all time though.

I don't have twinsticks -- I can't justify spending that much money for them yet. I heard they make a world of difference though.
I remember going to my EB a couple years ago and they had this game on the shelf for only $10. At this time I only had like 3 other saturn games and when I brought it home I must've played for at least a week straight with my friends. It's such a great multiplayer game
Originally posted by Supergrom@Aug. 27 2002, 5:39 pm

and they also work with OutTrigger for Dreamcast, but thats the only other game i know of.

mmm now that sounds interesting -- I did not know that.
We have this game in our arcade and man is it fun! I really can't imangine playing without the twinsticks... i mean it would be hard to think of it.

pull both outward to jump

missle 1 to fire primary weapon

missle 2 to fire secondary weapon

both missles to fire super weapon

shoulder-ish buttons to glide in the corrosponding directoin

how could you do all this with a pad? i mean there are enough buttons but still it seems confusing
I haven't played it all that much, I've gone trough it once and haven't played it since. I don't have the twinstick though, and I'm not planning to get one either. But I've heard that the twinstick is working with Panzer Dragon Zwei and that you should be able to fly free using them... but I think it's just BS but if anyone have a twinstick and PD2 maybe that person could try it out?

Hires by the way? Only the titlescreen and menues are in hires, when the game starts it's back to standard resolution ain't it?
yer, I managed to play the game today (thanks to mal for the controller and mod chip :
: ). I didn't find it that good, it's a bastard to control that's all I can say. I remember playing the arcade version for ages when it was at my local arcade, but I suppose it was because of the twin sticks. maybe we should look in modifying a playstation controller or somthing