Wallpaper Contest February

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I found Radsil's to look the crispist and most impressive... but all entries look great. Nice work guys.

What programs were used in the creation of those?

i looked at em(cept dyne's) all but i found radsil's the nicest, dyne you should only have one entry maybe then i could download them stupid 56k takes forever. :smash
Dyne 3 because it's Panzer Dragoon

BTW, why do you cry "Aptiva" in NiGHTS? What does it mean?


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Damn! So that's why I mindlessy bought so many of those stupid IBMs (the computer, not the missle)!


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They're all really good (no that's a lie 2 of them suck balls) but hmm its a hard choice.

Radsils looks good, very good. But Dyne two is pretty badass. The thing is though if it's going to be a desktop background and the text under each file is black i can't see it on radsils that well.

But it's so well done. Radsil it is.


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Congrats to Radsil on having the best Sega themed wallpaper for February!

Thanks for everybody who participated to make this contest happen!

Once I make the contest section of SX I will put the winner and runner ups for each month. So nobody's wallpaper will be forgoten.

Radsil you can contact me via email or pm or even give me a phone call and tell me what you want as your title.

Thank you SX'ers for voting! :cheers
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