Wanna do a SMS emulator?

I've been looking for allegro based emulators (for a idea I had), and I found out that this SMS emu has a big chance to be ported to Saturn. It's fully in C, the source seems quite simple, and you can get some ideas from the PSX port he did. I felt tempted to start it, but i hardly have time for it, and I figured someone might want to have some fun, after the success with Denis Phoenix emulator.

I looked into GB emulation :)

Now i have somewhat fully running GB core on saturn, but can't do GFX decoding/output :(

If interested - im ready to receive help :)
Right now I'm thinking of going for something slightly more ambitious than SMS or GB, but I'd rather not go into it since it might never happen - I've already determined that a full-speed interpretive core for it might be impossible just due to the pipeline flushes from jumping to instruction implementations...
I'm going to port Nester to saturn. Give 4-5 years or so...Actually this seems to be a very duable project considering that it was ported to DC and all. I *believe* that the core, Nofrendo, was based on C. Oh well I'm going to go learn C...Another thing, why is it that we can't use C++ on saturn? I'm guessing because its more resourse intensive then regular C.
Denis : if you want help, send me the code to takashi@mail.pt. I'll look for a nice way to put GFX.

ExCyber Yeah... BTW I've been looking at the mixed SH2/C output of Marat's Z80.o, and I can't see myself optimizing more those expressions, taking the Push/Pop ones that seems slightly big.

Slinga : C++ is a load of extra expressions that you really shouldn't use, except for clarity of code. C is simpler, close to the machine and universal.