Wanna play a REAL 2D game?

Beeing the biggest 2D-Game fan in the universe
i was surprised by this TREASURE gem..This pure shoot-em-up is a 2D heaven!When i played that game for the first time yesterday i couldn't believe that the game i was playing was a 32-bit CD game...And i played it..played it..ALL DAY..No kidding!!This my friends is the best 2D shoot em up i've ever played..a masterpiece that really show that SATURN IS A POWERFULL BEAST!!!!!!!

Sony 2D fans...buy a Saturn now..'coz if you don't you 'll NEVER play a REAL-2D game..I am very happy i bought one some days ago 'coz Radiant Silvergun is a treasure ...by TREASURE :

Yup..i think it's time to beat my score... again!

Another guest joining the party late.

Funny, though, Radiant Silvergun would've been my last choice for a "REAL 2D game", since it incorporates 3D graphics and motions so cleverly. Hehe, want pure 2D, get some Sonic lovin' goin' on.
You know, the problem is.. The sega saturn died so fast in Holland the shops didn't bother buying any games to sell.

As in : Any good hints for internet shops where i can buy those lovely 2D games?
Since everyone speaks of 2D game ...

I'm wondering if dungeon and dragon is worth buying (It is overpriced IMO ) ?

Everyone speaks of radiant silvergun but ... what about thunderforce serie ?? good one no ??
Radiant Silvergun by all means is the best shooter ever made! It's 2D heaven...of course...all you sonic freaks would rather collect Chaos emeralds then blow ships to oblivion. DoDonPachi beats sonic as well...but thunderforce 5 really takes the cake. So back off the shooters!
What matters is the gameplay, and RS' is as 2D as you can think of.

Who cares if the scenery is rotating, and has depth?
2D gaming? *bigrin*

Vertical Shooter: Radiant Silvergun

Horizontal Shooter: Thunderforce V

Platform RPG: Dracula-X:Nocturne in the Moonlight

Action RPG: Guardian Heroes

Fighting: Street Fighter Alpha 2/X-men Vs Street Fighter(if you have AR+)

Action: Shinobi Legions

Konami X68, welcome to the stage of history!
i prefer horizontal shooter to vertical ones. it shouldn't make a lick of difference, but it does

blazing star on the neo geo

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